Friday, April 24, 2015

Life is messy.

Chaos. Mess. Uncertainty. 

Those words seem to reverberate through the halls of my life right now. Work has new demands that make my head spin. Keeping a big house clean just isn't happening. Organizing the chaos that is the crap I own....well let's just pretend the stuff doesn't exist. :) Being married, wanting to spend tons of quality time with my man while balancing opposite work schedules. Volunteering at church with the kids. Being a stepmom. 

There's probably more I could add but I feel my tension rising just typing that much. And now I'm sick. Not surprised. 

Too much stress + not sleeping well = not feeling good. 

And then there's my spiritual journey which has suffered much neglect lately. I'm so tired by the evening that reading just hasn't been happening. But the life giving Word is just what I need right now, isn't it? 

All I've posted lately are some prayers that get emailed to me. But I've felt challenged lately to write more. So out came my journal. And online I go to blog. 

Seasons of busyness are the times when I most need to write and read the Word. 

Here goes....

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