Thursday, January 01, 2015

One Word

So I heard about this idea on Facebook to pick one word to focus on for the year. Rather than setting a bunch of unrealistic resolutions that are all broken in the first week, choosing one word helps you to focus. To work on one thing for the year. We are not perfect people. We will still mess up. There will be days when we forget that one word. There will be days when we choose to ignore that word and live a different path. But that one word can also cause you to pause and consider a new path. Different choices to make. A new habit to form. 

So in 2015, I'm going to try this idea. My word for the year is


How can I be INTENTIONAL this year?

Some possible ideas...
Be INTENTIONAL to love and serve my husband.
Be INTENTIONAL to set a schedule and keep it. 
Be INTENTIONAL to spend time in the Word that gives life and breath. 
Be INTENTIONAL to share that Word with others. 
Be INTENTIONAL to build relationships with people and get beyond the small talk. 
Be INTENTIONAL to educate my step kids...not only for school, but in matters of the heart and soul. 
Be INTENTIONAL to make decisions...with purpose and not flying by the seat of my pants or by just being lazy.

Those are just a few thoughts. But the important thing is to think about this word and find ways to live it. First step was a couple notes to hang to remind myself of the word and two areas where I'm looking first. 

I'm going to be INTENTIONAL in 2015. 

What's your focus? 

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