Monday, February 24, 2014

2 years from now

Someone asked me tonight, "where do you hope to be in 2 years and who do you hope to be with?" I don't like this question. But here's my best answer...."I honestly don't know." If you had asked me this question in my 20s, I would've drawn you a detailed picture of where I was headed. I knew exactly what my plan was. But then God knocked me over and reminded me that it's His plan that counts. If you had told me just 5 years ago that I would spend the next few years dealing with tractor theft, I would've spit out my coffee (and then been sad that I stained my shirt). I was in full time ministry and quite happy about it. But when you surrender to God and let Him guide....well, it's an adventure. And I'm a mess that He's cleaning up and making more like Him. So in 2 years, I hope to be even deeper in His plan for me. I hope to be sinking in the deep end of His love because I desperately need His love. I hope to be an overflowing well of His love for other people. And I hope to be surrounded with people who hope for the same thing. Life in Christ is an adventure!

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