Thursday, April 25, 2013

Controlling and Conquering Stress

As I mentioned in my last post, here is a list of some ways to control & conquer stress.  The full list has 52 items but I just picked a few of my favorites. 

Drink more OJ.

Put a green dot on your phone.

Go to Starbucks - with a group.

Shake it out.

Listen to music at work.

Shut up and smile.

Run fast (bike hard, punch the heavy bag, etc)

Hit the sauna after your workout.

Find a breathtaking view.

Say you're sorry.  By acknowledging that you may have made a mistake or hurt someone else, you can help clear the air, and that will reduce your stress level.

Forgive.  Realizing that you can't control someone else's behavior is difficult, but it's one of the best ways to destress.

Ditch the dingy shower curtain. 

Play in the dirt.

Call a friend.

Hold your partner's hand for 10 minutes....loving contact lowers blood-pressure and heart-rate responses in stressful situations.

Turn it into a game

Make a schedule.

Find the good. 

Chug a big glass of cold water.

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