Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look closely and see

A land with deep scars - some visible...some not.

A people with deep hurts - some visible...some not.
A land of beauty and pain.
A people of hope and love.
The landscape is dotted with broken homes
A glimpse of the broken lives within

A boy searches through the town dump
Desperately seeking a "treasure"
Anything that will buy him a chunk of bread
Or a few tortillas

A young girl, with big brown eyes
Grinding corn to make tortillas
A family's only source of income
Never enough

Hope. Peace. Love. Contentement.
Flowing from the people
Even in the midst of great poverty
Even when devastation ravaged their country
Even when a few tortillas and a can of beans is all they have to eat
Look closely and see
The "woman" on the corner is just a girl
Forced to sell her body to hungry men
So her family can eat
Her dark brown eyes will haunt your days and your nights

Look closely and see
Hollow eyes filled with desperation and longing
A longing to be free
A longing to know she's loved for more than her body
Desperate to know that the chains that bind her
Can be broken

Don't close your eyes
Don't just walk on by

How can she call on the one she hasn't believed in?
How can she believe if she hasn't heard?
How will she hear without someone preaching to her?
Who will be sent to preach?
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

At times, often times, comfort must be forsaken
The known left behind
To walk with someone in their hurt
In their mess
To hold a hand
Meet a need
To share love, His love
Slow down
Open your eyes
Be moved

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