Thursday, February 09, 2012

Life is a vapor

On Tuesday, my company boss died from a heart attack. Totally unexpected. I had just talked with him on Monday. I was getting ready to email him when I got the news. Such a shock. So much sadness. He was a good man. He really cared about people and sought to listen to them. He wanted to know how you were doing and what he could do to make you more successful. He will be missed.

I've been trying to process how I'm feeling, trying to be honest and express my sorrow to God. Last night I finally picked up a pen and wrote. Sometimes it helps me to put pen to paper and simply let some words flow. About two years ago, I penned some words for a friend after her mom died. Just trying to comprehend....

Life is a Vapor
Death sneaks up on us
Snatching away those we love
A void is left in our lives
A hole ripped on our hearts

Grief hangs like a cloud
An overwhelming burden
Tears stream down many faces
Why does it hurt so much?

Crying out in confusion
Wondering - why now? Why him?

Life is just a vapor, a mist
Time, a precious gift to savor
Tomorrow is not a promise
Today is all we've been given

The grave is not the end, rather
The beginning of a new & glorious life
For those whose hope is in the Lord

Resting in the arms of Jesus
Clinging to hope even in the pain

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