Thursday, February 02, 2012

Labels, judgments & assumptions

Why do we judge people by how they look? Why do we label people and then assume we "know" them because we are able to put a certain label on them?
How often do we stereotype someone based on their appearance?  What if we got outside of our box and recognize our similarities, rather than simply focusing on our differences.

Why do I judge people by how they look/act? Why do I look at you and think, "oh you're _____, so that means _____"? No matter what label I may fill in the blank with, it does not define who you are. It's simply a frame of reference. But it should not determine how I treat you. It should not make me assume I know you.

A label might be a starting point, but hopefully it does not keep me from digging deeper to really get to know you and seeking to understand what you are about.

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