Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Worth it

Relationships are funny things. They can bring joy, sorrow, laughter, frustration, and so much more. Sometimes the relationship isn't what you want it to be. Perhaps it's a friendship that doesn't seem to get past the weather or the "Hi, how are you?" "Good, how are you?" stage. Or maybe it's that friendship that you have hurt and it doesn't seem to be getting back to where things used to be and reality is setting in that perhaps it will never be the same. And then there's that friendship that you wish would blossom into something more and yet...

Relationships take work. They take effort, time and energy. And despite any sorrow, frustration, pain that come with them, they are totally worth it. People make you grow, they make you think, they make you a better person. And that's worth it.

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