Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creative ways to be a nuisance at work

* Walk around the office barefoot

* Misplace peoples pens

* Leave an open can of tuna in their desk - that's just nasty, I am not a fan of tun!

* Talk in a funny accent - apparently I already do this without meaning to :-)

* Use goofy event sounds for your programs

* Chant, “Yeay, I got mail!!” every time you get a new email

* Start your car remotely when someone walk by it

* Leave hole punches all over

* Leave your lunch garbage in other people’s cans

* After each sip give a refreshing, “Ahhh"

* Put salt on someone’s mouse pad

* Carry on a conversation with someone two cubes down

1 comment:

Star-Dreamer said...

haha! epic! ^_^