Monday, November 29, 2010

You are My beloved

It often crosses my mind that I should blog. But one thing or another arises and writing gets pushed to the side. But it helps me process the craziness in my head and heart so I always find my way back to writing.

When I get weary, weighed down by life's demands and the sin that so easily entangles, I hear Jesus beckoning to me, “Come away with me. I love you. I forgive you. You are My beloved.” And my soul responds with longing. A longing to really and truly believe His words. To know in my heart the truth of how Christ views me. But in my weariness, it can be hard to see that truth. At that point, it requires a cognitive choice to believe, to trust, and then praying for the heart and emotions to be lined up.

Emotions can be powerful influencers and I’m prone to be swayed and driven by emotion. For me to make a cognitive assertion of belief apart from how I feel is a big step and it’s often really hard. Day by day, God is drawing me to Himself.

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