Friday, September 24, 2010

Kindness Commissioning

This is the commissioning we received from Beth Moore as we left the simulcast on Saturday:

My Dear Sister,

Your God has called you
To use that mouth of yours
For His great glory.
Don’t just add to the noise.
Become a real woman
Who opens her mouth with wisdom.
God wants the Law of Kindness
On your tongue
And the love of Christ
In your heart.
Never forget:
Kindness is not a weakness!
When you’re wearing down
Head to Christ and His people
And let them build you back up.
Always remember:
His yoke is KIND.
Make sure
It’s the only yoke you wear.
It’s time to go our separate ways
But we’ll all meet up again
At the glorious epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Until then,
Let the One who led you here
Lead you on with cords of kindness.
Now, get out there
And build a welcoming fire
In a cold world.
Live by the Law of Kindness!

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