Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This summer, a group of young adults began meeting with the teaching pastor at my church.  We don't have a formal title or anything but I think of it as a discipleship group.  Each person in the group has a call on their life.  We know our call, some understand it better than others.  When we started, we were all at different places in our knowledge of our call and what that might look like in our lives.  But we know we are called.  Throughout these meetings, we discuss what it means to be called.  Since we aren't currently working within our calling, how do we wait?  How do we prepare in the waiting?  Is there value in the waiting? 

Each time we meet, we get homework (sometimes a lot of it!).  The assignments have challenged me to think, to process, to allow God to be preparing me for whatever He has for me.  Most of all though, I think I am growing in my relationship with God.  I'm learning to listen to the Spirit and follow His guidance each day.

So I thought I would share some of the homework that I've done, starting with a look at my call...

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