Friday, March 26, 2010


Winter has come.
Suddenly. Unexpectedly.
Everything seemed to die.
Bleak. Brown.

A cold spell swept in.
Deep. Painful.
Without warning, it settled around the heart.
Can't. Breathe.

Broken pieces scattered about.
Dull. Lifeless.
But time marches on.
Hope. Rises.
Spring is coming.
Buds. Growth.
Unnoticed by most.

Things long gone come again.
Joy. Laughter.
Different than before.
Poignant. Yet.
Tinged by sorrow.
Never to be the same.

Brown and gray - bleak & dreary.
Give way as a rainbow splashes across the heart.
Fiery red.
Brilliant orange.
Sunburst yellow.
Audacious green.
Magnificent purple.

A tapestry of colors.
Deep. Vibrant.
Memories richly woven together.
Blending. Mingling.

A soul's deep wounds begin to heal.
A heart on the mend.
Dawn after the dark.
Joy comes in the morning.

~Dedicated with love to Manirah Agans, a dear friend ~March 9, 2010

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