Friday, November 21, 2008

Bounce Part 2

I've been dealing with sickness for two weeks now and the first round of antibiotics didn't seem to be helping me be completely well. So I had a doctor appointment scheduled for Tuesday. It had been scheduled for a few days before I got the envelope on Monday. I initially wondered why God gave my $40 on Monday, but when I got to the doctor on Tuesday, I understood. I have a $20 co-pay and then they gave me a second round of antibiotics which cost me $19.16. Wow! God knew that I needed that $40 to pay for the doctor and medicine so He brought it to me in advance. I am learning day by day, step by step, to trust in our Lord. When I begin to doubt, I just have to remember how faithful He has been to me and then continue to trust that He will be faithful into the future.

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