Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Mennonite-Anglican Wedding

This morning I attended a beautiful wedding. It was held in Zion, IL at the Illinos Beach Resort right on Lake Michigan. Imagine this, a large ballroom with the front and left side comprised entirely of windows facing the lake. A gorgeous cloud free day with the waves rolling in. That the scene that we faced as the ceremony took place. It was very much like an Anglican church service with the wedding part mixed in. But since the groom is mennonite, there was also that component to the service. It was really neat! The bride is a former co-worker of mine from my days at TEAM. She and her husband were entering into their second marriage and have numerous kids and grandkids. They met on e-Harmony. They make a lovely couple. It was great to see many of my former coworkers!

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Anonymous said...

This I am sorry doesnt make much sense to me. First of all I grew up Anglican and became Mennonite 16 yrs ago. This man and this womans previous marriage partners must be both dead because if not they are not allowed to marry according to the Bible according to Mennonites. Otherwise he must have left the church.