Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wall flower? Me?!?!

Ever feel out of place? Like you can't quite be yourself but you really want to? It can be such a frustrating situation to be in. I was there today. I went to lunch with some people from the new church I've been attending. My plan had been to go straight home because I needed to clean my apartment and do some reading but I was invited and they were convincing. Five of us headed off to Culver's. And I sat there like a wall flower!!!! I was getting annoyed with myself. I wanted to join the conversation that was flowing around me but I couldn't figure out how. Here and there I was able to make a comment, but for the most part, I was quiet. I left there kicking myself. I'm trying to make friends here but how's that supposed to happen when I can't even contribute to a conversation? Bah! What's done is done. It takes time to make friends. It'll come in time.

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