Saturday, January 26, 2008


Last night I went to a skate park with my brother, Ben. He wanted to skate as well as hand out flyers about a skate camp that he's doing next month. It was really fun. I enjoyed watching the skaters. When we lived in California, I used to go with Ben to watch him skate. I remember going into town where he attempted to skate over a set of 6 steps and taking pictures while he skated. So watching the 50+ skaters last night was just really fun.

There was this one guy who was attempting a 360 off a ramp. He tried over and over throughout the night but pretty consistently for the last hour. He would come close to landing the trick but always messed up. He'd fall or stumble and barely stay standing. It was a visual lesson in persistence. No matter what happened, he just picked himself up and tried again. He hurt both his wrists, had many people laughing at him but he kept trying. One of the nights, he'll probably land the trick successfully and be so proud of himself.

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