Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where I am...

I'm now living in Alabama with my grandma. I'm not sure how long I'll be here but for now, I'm here. It's warm which is really nice. Yesterday in PA, I woke up to frost and since my scraper was buried in the trunk, I just had sit and wait for my car to warm up. One of my coworkers stopped by as I was pulling out and gave me a hug. I was trying to get out without crying, but alas, that set me off. I tried driving out of camp but had to stop by the entrance to compose myself. I'm going to miss that place and the people that I met and the work that I did.

My grandma needs a new car so I think we're going to look for one today. Plus I need to unload my car and figure out where to put the stuff. And I need to go to the library to print my resume to mail out to some camps. On top of all that, I'm reading Harry Potter 4 and it's getting harder to put it down so I'm sure I'll put some time in to reading that.

Yesterday as I was driving, I stopped at a rest stop and there was a couple there with the most beautiful bird. In fact it's name was "Beautiful" in Spanish. It was a bright blue with a yellow chest. Absolutely gorgeous. It just sat on the man's shoulder while they rested on the benches. I stopped to talk with them & to admire the bird.

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