Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Letters from leavers

Have you ever left a church? Have you wanted to express your thoughts & feelings about the move? There's an interesting project online by two guys at Fuller called “letters from leavers“. It's sort of like Post-Secret, the site for people to share their secrets with the world. Check it out, it's worth reading and it ought to raise questions in your mind and perhaps foster dialogue among you & your friends.

Here's a description of the site:

People leave churches for many reasons. Some leave frustrated and hurt. Some leave simply because they have moved out of the area. Some people even leave church because they see church involvement as a hindrance to their faith and spiritual growth. Whatever your reasons, we want to hear from you.

The creators of this website love the church, but we are also aware of its flaws. In fact, the church has disappointed us too (and truth be told, we’ve failed the church and people like you at times). It is our desire to create an open venue for those that have left the church to tell us their story.

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