Monday, February 12, 2007

Childhood dream

This weekend, I watched the movie, Flicka. It's a good family film that I'd wanted to see because I like the theme song, My Little Girl, which was written for the movie. I really enjoyed it and it brought back memories of a dream that I held for a long time as a child & early teen.

When I was 8 or 9, I was taken horseback riding by Renee, an employee of my dad's. She lived on a little farm and had some horses and was gracious enough to take me out. I remember the first time I was thrown off - that was a painful experience. Anyhow, after riding a couple times, I decided that I wanted to grow up and live on a ranch. I loved the feeling of being out in the country, just you & nature. I figured there could be no better experience than to live out in the country, caring for the land & your animals and just enjoying God's beautiful creation. I would often find myself dreaming about ranching and even owning my own ranch. During college, I even explored opportunities to work on a dude ranch but ended up doing workcamps instead.

Flicka takes place on a ranch in Wyoming and the scenery shots were just amazing. As I watched, I found my childhood dream rushing back to me along with a desire to feel the "freedom" that comes with being in the wide open country.

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