Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two roles, one big challenge

I have decided to accept both of the roles that have been offered to me. I have given much thought and prayer to the matter and my choice has been made. Beginning February 1st, I will throw myself into figuring out what people need to know about the organization and the changes happening within it and how this news can best be communicated. I have some ideas but I want to spend some time talking with key people around the office to see what needs they identify.

About a month later, I will also take on event coordination. I don't yet know what these events will look like nor where they will be - though I have ideas for both.

I'm excited, nervous, overwhelmed and yet ready to face the challenge(s) that these roles will bring. I don't have all the experience necessary to completely fill either role so I have the opportunity to learn many new things and to grow along the way and that is incredibly exciting to me! Challenge, learning and growth are things I frequently pursue because I find that I thrive on them.

It will be so good to see what God is going to do through me, through this organization and through the others that I work with. He's doing great things in the world and we are all blessed to have the opportunity to join Him in that work. How amazing is it that the Creator & Sustainer of this universe would ask us to join Him in the work He's doing! Very cool!!!

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