Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Servant Leadership, part 2

The servant leadership discussion group was really neat. Here are some of the notes that I jotted down: (Servant Leadership hereafter abbreviated as SL)

- Applicable for all ages
- SL emphasizes acceptance of others
- SL has not caught on completely because it is seen as soft
- Starbucks practices SL
- Love regardless
- Develop your character ethic
- Only about 10% of leaders are equipped for their position
- Reflection is key for character development
- Create dangerously
- Community must be instilled as top priority
- Age does not have to restrict SL abilities; yes, people might be threatened by your innovation so begin a quiet revolution, eventually you will be heard
- Start with what you can influence/change
- Everything begins with the initiative of an individual - initiate, provide ideas & structure, take the risk of failure along with the chance of success

Overall, a great meeting. I walked away encouraged at the possibilities for servant leadership. The conversation never focused on Jesus or Scripture which I found interesting. One gentleman there is a retired Congressman (14 years of service) and he contributed a lot to the discussions. I was reminded again and again that my age does not restrict me from leadership influence. I restrict myself from leadership influence. Many of the people there encouraged me to take the risk of being a servant leader because it will be worth it.

Turns out the group meets every other month. In March, they will be discussion 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. I'll definitely be there.


Mom said...

Holly, you underestimate yourself. You are a leader and you always put others first and serve them selflessley. Give yourslef a little more positive strokes. You deserve them!

Mom said...

PS: I am not saying that just because you are my daughter. I see your leadership skills and see you using them all the time. Sometimes I am in awe of you and your abilities, wishing I had them.