Thursday, November 09, 2006

I have Finkelsteins

Yep, that's right. Finkelsteins. A very funny sounds diagnosis if you ask me. For the past eight weeks or so, I've been having a lot of pain in my wrist that generally resides in my thumb and then running through my wrist and up my arm. Silly me waited over five weeks before going to the doctor. My regular doctor looked at it, tested twice for Finkelsteins but came up negative. She took an x-ray and thought perhaps I had a slight fracture but decided to send me to a hand specialist.

I saw Dr. Thomas yesterday who very rapidly diagnosed with with Finkelsteins. Apparently there are tendons that run through your wrist and the one coming down through my thumb into my arm is inflammed. He said it's very common and easily treatable. He injected the site with steroids. It was really cool to watch! The base of my thumb started puffing up and then there was this popping noise as the tendons settled. I started laughing when I heard it and exclaimed, "that's so cool!" Dr. Thomas said he would inject me every day because I took is so well. Thankfully I don't need injection every day, in fact, he said that if I do the excercise that he gave me, he shouldn't need to see me again at all.

The pain was so great after I left his office that although I went back to work, I only stayed for 45 minutes then I went home to rest. Today it still hurts but has been getting progressively better throughout the day. I'm so glad. And the great news is that I can play volleyball this weekend. I play twice a week (with my church and in a city league) but have missed the last two weeks because of my hand. I'm looking forward to getting on the court again.

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